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  • Your child will bring the bulldozer to life by finding the shapes hidden inside and coloring them in.

  • Find expert resources for helping children achieve success in reading and learning at every age and stage.

  • Have your child match the athletic equipment that goes together for a creative way to learn about sports.

  • Help your child learn something new, fun, and creative with this printable activity sheet. Simply download this page.

  • 'Tis the season for holiday fun with this festive reading printable.

  • Your child will love this printable science project inspired by the Magic School Bus.

  • Get your children into science with this printable activity sheet.

  • Challenge your child's reading skills with this printable activity sheet.

  • Instill a love of science using this printable activity page based on planets (and Pluto).

  • Fill in your child’s name at the top of this chart, then list the activities and times of your child’s daily routine. Let your child help by illustrating the activities with drawings or sti

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