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  • Did you know that dinosaurs could grow teeth to replace the ones they lost? Explore this and other T-Riffic Dino facts with your child!

  • Your child will love making his own Flip-O-Rama just like George and Harold did in the Captain Underpants series.

  • Find expert resources for helping children achieve success in reading and learning at every age and stage.

  • Kids will love to boogie along with the dinos in “Dinosaurumpus.” Use these printables for connect-the-dots and coloring when you’ve finished the book!

  • Help your child practice spelling skills, memorization, and cognitive thinking on this patriotic day.

  • Your little learner can practice vocabulary and spelling with this camping-inspired word search full of fun outdoor words.

  • Get kids to help Clifford match the beginning sound of each Valentine's Day object to its matching letter.

  • When George and Harold Make fun of Professor Poopypants, he gets revenge and makes everyone change their name. Use Professor Poopypants’s Name Change-O-Chart to find out your child’s new name.

  • Use this ABCs maze to help your little one learn the order of the alphabet -- don't forget to color in the fun images along the way!

  • Teach your early learner about the different letters of the alphabet starting with letter A -- then color in the apple together!

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