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  • Help your child learn to read with this rhyme-based printable activity page.

  • Enjoy reading a favorite Clifford book with your 0- to 2-year-old then color in this printable to extend the learning experience.

  • Zoe rules as Queen of the Universe -- or at least her room! Download this sheet inspired by ZOE’S ROOM (NO SISTERS ALLOWED), the sweet and funny companion to ZOE GETS READY by Bethanie Murguia.

  • Encourage kids to record their thoughts and give a score to each book they read.

  • Your child will love reading about Dracula and then testing his comprehension with our printable quiz.

  • Support your child's reading and writing development with this printable worksheet based on some of children's favorite things.

  • This printable activity sheet helps motivate your child to read closely and write creatively.

  • Support your child's reading development with this worksheet on common nouns.

  • Help encourage a love of reading with this fairy tale from Ireland.

  • Your kid will love practicing reading skills with this weather-inspired, printable activity sheet.

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