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  • Think of a question you'd like answered. We'll show you how to find the answer, all you need is your name.

  • From Christmas spirit to Hanukkah traditions to a Kwanzaa feast, help your child learn about the different holidays this season with a fun word search.

  • Rebuses are optical illusions that use pictures to represent words or parts of words. Can your child solve the rebuses found in each numbered square?

  • Read "Stay" by Michaela Muntean, a story about love, acceptance, and staying positive, with your child and extend the learning experience with this word search.

  • Use this printable to help your child practice her spelling.

  • Challenge your child's reading skills with this printable activity sheet.

  • Support your child's reading development with this worksheet on common nouns.

  • 'Tis the season for holiday fun with this festive reading printable.

  • The ghost of Wedgie Magee is haunting Kipper Krupp. Can your child find some of the things that terrorize Kipper in this puzzle? Inspired by Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants series.

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