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  • This printable minibook provides kids with an easy-to-understand, concrete foundation for short and long vowel sound/symbol mastery.

  • These three bookmarks invite children to create lists, an important writing format that can help them organize ideas for writing.

  • Looking for ways to measure your child's writing skills? Use this worksheet to guide you.

  • Your child will enjoy this writing printable that compares holiday basics.

  • Rebuses are optical illusions that use pictures to represent words or parts of words. Can your child solve the rebuses found in each numbered square?

  • Introduce your child to writing using the _ad word family with this printable minibook.

  • Inspire your children to write about what they're thankful for with this printable minibook.

  • Your young child will want to practice writing in this printable minibook.

  • Tickle your child's funny bone while developing writing skills with this printable minibook.

  • Help support your children's writing skills with this printable minibook based on popular folktales.

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