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  • Check out this list of favorite books that inspired big time Hollywood movie adaptations.

  • Introduce the new season with these wonderful (and sometimes all wet!) books for beginners.

  • This list combines some of the Scholastic Parents staff's favorite classic books for kids with our Facebook fans' top childhood titles.

  • Find biographies of African Americans who made their mark and fiction that reflects the experiences of ordinary people.

  • Whether your child is an athlete, animal lover, history buff, or loves fantasy — here are children's books for boys with every kind of interest.

  • Uncover the world of words with these spectacular ABC books.

  • These read-alouds are the perfect way to get your 3- to 5-year-old giggling.

  • Whether outwitting bullies, acing tests, or trying to fit in, these characters and their stories stimulate imaginations and build the confidence needed to face academic and social...

  • With themes such as immigration, family, and food, these books capture vivid Latin traditions in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

  • Check out these multicultural books for kids that express incredibly diverse viewpoints.

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