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  • Looking for age-appropriate titles for your advanced reader when it’s time to move beyond YA? Check out these suggestions from other parents for the best transitional books.

  • Love, vampires, and adventure make up the perfect series for your independent reader.

  • Try turning the pages of these adventure-filled reads.

  • Share the humorous adventures of third-grader Judy Moody, a widely popular series by Megan McDonald, with your independent reader.

  • Gotta catch ‘em all! Send your independent reader on an adventure to train Pikachu with Ash in the Pokemon tie-in series.

  • BOB Books are tailored for the stages of reading development and offer your child a step-by-step guide through early reading.

  • Your tween will love immersing himself in the colorful, heartfelt, and brilliant words of award-winning author and poet Gary Soto.

  • Your independent reader can channel his inner detective all day long with the Encyclopedia Brown series.

  • This adventurous, historical fiction series will get your independent reader hooked on learning about the past!

  • Share this historical fiction series with your independent reader. These stories, written in diary format, will transport your child to some of the most important moments in his...

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