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Create a Candle in Ice

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December 16, 2014
Create a Candle in Ice

Here’s a simple way to make good use of a cold night, when the temperature drops below freezing. You’ll need a few beach buckets or other deep containers, food coloring, small candles, and newspaper. Fill the buckets with water and add the food coloring (experiment to find your perfect color combo). Place them outside on top of some newspapers.  When the water is frozen on the exterior but still liquid in the center, you’re ready to bring them inside. Wait about five minutes; then take the buckets to the sink and gently turn them upside down to release the water. Carefully chip a space in the top layer of ice to make the candle holder. Put the ice back outside and place a candle inside the holder. Then, light the candle and enjoy the light show with your child while drinking a cup of hot chocolate!


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