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Storia eBooks on Bullying

Storia offers eBooks for every age that can help teach your child about friendship and bullying.
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Title: The Worst Best Friend

Ages:  4-7

The Worst Best Friend relates a common situation in growing friendships – when one friend wants to pull away.  It shows the effect it can have on the other friend, especially if the new friend is mean, or worse  -- a bully.

Conversation Starters:

  • Ask your child what made Conrad the worst best friend.  Talk about how some bully behaviors are obvious, and list some obvious bully behaviors from the book.  Point out that some bully behaviors are less obvious and see if the two of you can find ways that Conrad, Mike, and/or Victor maybe have engaged in less obvious bully behaviors. Can a person act like a bully at times and still be a friend, or apologize and reconnect as friends?
  • Ask your child what makes a good friend.  Watch one of your child’s favorite TV shows with him and start a conversation about what he notices about how the characters treat each other.  What good friend things do they do?  What unkind things do they do?  See if you can turn off the volume and still know how a person is being treated, or feels about how they are being treated, just by how he carries himself.
  • See if you both can come up with a list of the qualities your child would like in a friend or a best friend, along with those he or she would find in a “not-friend.”  

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