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Storia eBooks on Bullying

Storia offers eBooks for every age that can help teach your child about friendship and bullying.
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Title:  Noodles: I Hate Bullies!

Ages: 3-6

Noodles: I Hate Bullies has a short, simple, and clear message that bullying feels bad, and there are things you can do to stand up for yourself and remove yourself from the situation.  

Young children often feel little and powerless, like the small dog, and stories like this can help them realize that regardless of their size, they can make powerful choices to keep themselves safe and stand up for themselves in appropriate ways.  

Conversation Starters With Your Child:

  • Ask how the small dog feels about how the bigger dog is treating him. 
  • See if your child can notice what the small dog does to take care of himself and remove himself from the situation. 


Children this age are very concrete thinkers, and they may not automatically apply the lessons from the book to their own lives. To help your child apply problem solving more directly to her own life, ask the following:

  • Ask what your child can do if she has a friend who is treating her the way the big dog was treating the little dog.  
  • Come up with tangible ideas, such as getting a buddy (can your child name one of her own?) or telling a teacher (which one would she trust?).
  •  See what ideas your child has for how she could trust her intuition -- that little feeling inside that tells her if something isn’t right -- to remove herself from a situation (where would she go?). 

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