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Fantasy Costumes for Kids

Get ready for a night of spellbinding glee with magical fairy tale costumes anyone can make!
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Melanie Acevedo
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Start with a grey hoodie and leggings, then create:

Cut templates for the armor out of kraft paper: a neck plate, shoulder guards, wrist guards, and thigh and shin guards. Glue tin foil to them. Use flattened foil cupcake liners for the knees. To create the “palettes,” cut small triangles from tin foil and glue them on in staggered layers.

Cut a breastplate shape out of silver bubble wrap. Cut an oval from tin foil and a cross from gold glittered paper. Glue both together and then glue to the breastplate. Attach
shoulder guards and neck plate with safety pins, then pin the entire piece to the sweatshirt.

Photo Credit: Melanie Acevedo

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