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Charming Crafts for Pets

Everyone's invited to enjoy — including your furry and feathered friends.
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Photos: Kate Mathis \ Illustrations: Alli Arnold
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For Toddler: Catch It, Kitty! Play Toy

Dangle this “fishing” line in front of your frisky feline.
  • old wooden cooking spoon
  • yarn, felt, and mini pom-poms
  • feathers and mini jingle bells 
  • tacky glue
  • fish template (optional; find ours here)
  1. Cut six fish shapes out of the felt. Then cut a 2' length of yarn.
  2. Glue the fish to the string in pairs, like a sandwich, with glue and string in the middle. Glue pom-pom eyes, feathers, and bells onto the fish, and allow all to dry.
  3. Wind the end of the yarn twice around the spoon handle and glue in place. Allow to dry.


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