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The Best Free and Paid Family Apps

These 19 amazing family apps help with homework, chores, scheduling and more.
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Run the Family Business

See how fast that bed gets made when your kiddo earns rewards for every task completed. ChoreMonster lets parents keep track of their kids’ to-do lists and tallies points that children can redeem for treats like time with the iPad or spending money. iOS, free.
You’ll appreciate this app that keeps tabs on your kids’ allowance money: what you give, how much each child spends, and what each one is saving up for. Plus, Buckaroo connects to other iOS devices, so no one will get mixed up over who’s gotten what. iOS, $1.
With all the bills and surprise expenses, you need to keep the checkbook balanced. Mint’s app and website compare your month-over-month spending (groceries vs. kids’ sports vs. travel), then does the math to create a budget. iOS and Android, free.

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