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Making the Move to Middle School

Making the Move to Middle School

Discover strategies and tools for helping your child transition from elementary school to middle school.

It's your child's biggest transition since kindergarten: She is leaving the cozy nest of elementary school for the wide-open spaces of middle school. It can be daunting for both of you, so start your preparations now. These resources can help you smooth the way, both socially and academically.

Preparing for Middle School

Watch for these academic milestones while your child is preparing for middle school.
Smooth the path to middle school for a child with learning challenges.
Help ease the transition to a new school by tuning into what worries your child most.
You've got the sharpened pencils and stylish sweaters. What else will your child need to survive?
Find the next step once your child outgrows after-school care.
Help your middle schooler build her recall skills, from locker combinations to schedules that can change daily.
Transform your middle schooler from a backpack pack-rat to a planning pro.
Help your child navigate these typical middle-school challenges.
Loosen up — but don't let go — when dealing with the whirlwind change of the teenage years.
How does your child's school compare?
Entering middle school is a great leap! Be sure your child takes the necessary steps for 6th grade readiness.
Encourage progress in your ever more sophisticated and independent reader.

Books and Reading

Encourage your reluctant young adult reader with these addictive titles.
Nancy E. Krulik's series about Jenny McAfee and her life as a middle school student is perfect for your tween reader.
Help your child make sense of adolescence with books that explore everything from evolving friendships to self-reliance.
Find a range of informational and entertaining titles for your advancing reader.
Whether your adolescent is a starting pitcher or simply a devoted fan, these novels, histories, and reference books will hit a grand slam.
Whether at the beach, in the park or in their room, these exciting tales will place your tween on the road to adventure.
Stock up on the key tools to tackle middle school's tough homework assignments and research reports.
Exploring tough subjects, these award-winning, moving titles will show your teen the power of a good book.

Getting Involved

Parent involvement insures that kids become accomplished readers and writers.
Institute a hands-off homework policy when your child reaches middle school.
Try new tactics to stay in touch and on top of what's happening in middle school.
Know the best ways to give your middle schooler homework help. A few simple tips to keep your child on track while tackling middle school work.
Help your middle schooler learn to manage her time effectively.
Don't move to the sidelines when your kid gets to middle school.

What to Expect

Get advice from a veteran educator on how to help your child succeed in middle school and beyond.
In middle school, social studies goes global.
Is your middle schooler's passion for learning fading? Here's how to relight the spark.
In middle school, counselors take on serious social issues such as cyberbullying.
Ready your child for the rich, complex new material middle school introduces.

Find Just-Right Books