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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Get your spring hoppin’ with our super-fun Easter ideas for kids.

Easter Crafts and Activities

We’ve rounded up the best Easter egg ideas, DIY baskets, and other fun crafts to make Easter egg-cellent.
Try a new spin on an old classic with these fresh egg hunt ideas that’ll surprise and delight your kids this Easter.
These Easter egg ideas will have your kids hoppin'!
People celebrate spring the world over. Check out some of our favorite Easter traditions!

Great Reads for Easter & Passover

Kick off spring with these wonderful tales of adorable bunnies.
Celebrate this egg-cellent holiday by checking out our favorite Easter picture books for your beginning and pre-readers.
From matzoh to asking the four questions, Passover is full of traditions and rituals -- teach your little one about the holiday with these reads.

Print These Now!

Have your child find her way through our rabbit maze. Navigating mazes is a great way to help her develop her writing and critical-thinking skills.
Help your child color and construct this adorable egg holder for her decorative Easter eggs.
Help your child color in this Easter egg! As she fills in the shapes, see if she can count the number of triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles.

Coloring Sheets & Printables Sponsored by Anchor Bay

Your kid will love this activity book's awesome illustrations, fun science tips, and activities.
Help your child color in this Wubbzy printable! Encourage her to practice her hand-eye-coordination by staying in the lines.
Encourage your child to add her favorite animals, plants, and flowers to this coloring sheet. Sponsored by Anchor Bay.
Wubbzy does a little gardening in this great printable for kids. Encourage your child to get creative with her colors as she fills in the image.
Help your child color in the many pages of this spring-inspired Tickety Toc Printable.
Your train-loving tike will love practicing his fine motor skills as he colors in this printable.
Encourage your child to stay within the lines as she fills in this printable. It's a great way to practice hand-eye-coordination!

Easy Easter Eats

We were so inspired by a batch of pretzel bunnies made by Sarah Lukemire at, we adapted her recipe for our own!
Don’t want to bake? We won’t tell if you use plain frosted cupcakes from the supermarket!
A simple ribbon tied around each rabbit cookie gives ’em a dose of dashing.
Make these bunnies in bunches to serve at Easter brunch.
What’s better than the sound of your kid crunching on a carrot? These 8 ideas for making this fiber-packed veggie even more kid-friendly!
Spring is the perfect time for you and your child to get cracking on an egg-stravaganza of tasty recipes!
Easter leftovers are no yolk (ha!). Here are 10 delicious ways to use up those tasty, healthy, dip-dyed eggs.

Even More Spring Fun!

Introduce the season with these wonderful (and sometimes all wet!) books for beginners.
Are your kids ready to craft their own custom kites? It's easy breezy!

Find Just-Right Books

Find Just-Right Books