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Babies to Big Kids

Babies to Big Kids

Your Guide to the First Five Years.

Behavior and Discipline Handbook

We’ve got calming strategies guaranteed to defuse (almost!) any tantrum, freakout, or meltdown.
Some parents find it difficult to say no to their children. Here's why it's important for kids to hear it, and how and when to say it.
Find out why this go-to strategy has outlived its usefulness — and discover positive discipline techniques that really work.
With this simple mantra, kids will have more power to resist temptation (whatever it may be!).
Growing tired of your kid's sassy attitude? We've got solutions for every age.
What to consider when your child points the finger.
Distinguish typical preschool behaviors from actions worthy of concern.
Many young children struggle with impulse control. These tips and suggestions will help manage behavior and maximize learning potential.
Strategies to help your 5- or 6-year-old practice her cooperation skills.
Learn how mindfulness training—simple techniques for boosting well-being and success—can help your child thrive in school and in life.
Bragging is a rite of passage for 5- and 6-year-olds.
In trying to boost kids’ self-esteem, we may be tearing it down. Learn how to build a healthy sense of confidence in children.

Little Learners

The director of parenting resources at Zero to Three weighs in on why reading to babies is so important.
These games teach your kid how to spot order and help when she's learning shapes and patterns.
How to spot the clues, navigate the testing, and enrich the learning even if he doesn't earn that "gifted" label.
We investigate why this reading disorder is so tough to spot — and treat.
Knowing your child's learning style is key to his school success. Take this quiz to find out what kind of learning is best for your kid!
Building math skills is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with these simple tips and games.
Load up your kids’ device with these 17 expert-approved reading and book apps and see how quickly your children turn into little e-bookworms!
Read our grade-by-grade guide to what social skills teachers tend to look for.

Healthy from Head to Toe

Allergy season is in full swing, but we’re here to help get your drippy-nosed, watery-eyed kid feeling better fast.
If your cutie is starting solids, you should know that many old recommendations have been updated with new research.
American kids tend to eat a lot — but that doesn’t mean they’re eating well. Our simple plan will help you get your child on track.
Millions of kids start each day without enough z’s — and that could be hurting their chances in the classroom.
Here’s what you need to know to protect your cutie’s eyesight at every age.
Ease your child's bedwetting angst and keep him dry all night long with these helpful tips and tools.
Fewer kids getting vaccines means measles are making a comeback. Here's what you need to know.
There's more to keeping your kid safe than being aware of stranger danger. Here are six basics for her to know.
Is your kid overweight, a picky eater or super moody? Why you might want to ask your pediatrician to run additional tests.
Our stomachache decoder will help you figure out whether your kiddo's symptoms are stay-home serious — or nothing to stress about.
Want to stimulate his brain? Get his feet moving.
Manage your newborn’s sleep cycles.
Is your child afraid of the dark? Here's how to assure her that she's safe.
Bette Alkazian, parenting coach and author of Potty Learning: The Do's, Don'ts and the Oops of Poops, answers your top potty-training... more
Saying goodbye to that first baby tooth can be sad.
It may be time for your kiddo to gain a sense of independence and start tackling some hygiene tasks solo.
Some babies are prone to developing flat spots on their head. These three simple steps can keep little skulls symmetrical.

Tech Troubleshooting

Here’s how to ensure that kids can talk and play safely on your device — without disabling apps or calling your contacts.
What to look for when selecting a high-tech title.
How tech experts keep screens from taking over their kids’ lives — and what you can learn from them.

Find Just-Right Books

Find Just-Right Books