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Back to School!

Gear up for the trendiest back to school experience ever with anything-but-basic notebooks, pencil cases, and more.
A great year isn't just about good grades! We asked school staffers to share what teachers want parents to know.
Our mom and teacher advice will help you sidestep common pre-K snafus so you and your child can both begin the year happy.
There’s no better time than September to begin building good habits — starting with smoothing morning madness.
Is teacher terminology stumping you? We explain the new lingo -- like fist-to-five -- in plain English.
Not sure about splurging for a tutoring center? Our guide makes it easy to pick the one that fits your kid’s learning needs.
We scoured the country for fun, creative fundraisers that go beyond the bake sale — and are still a relative breeze to pull off.
Free at last! This mom couldn’t wait until her daughter was starting school — until she actually did.
Out of brown bag school lunch ideas? Check out these easy, creative packed lunches your kids will love.

New in Child Development

How to embrace and foster each child's unique personality without practicing favoritism.
What to consider when your child points the finger.
Take our quiz to find out where your kid's habits actually fall. Then discover unique strategies that'll help expand his palate tantrum-... more
Bette Alkazian, parenting coach and author of Potty Learning: The Do's, Don'ts and the Oops of Poops, answers your top potty-training... more

Our Favorite Books and Reading Activities

We've got four powerful reasons to work poetry for children into your storytime rotation.
Find out how nonfiction and true stories can help kids learn.
From humorous to helpful, these potty-themed books will help your child lose the diaper.
Welcome to the resource center for Scholastic Parent & Child magazine’s 100 Greatest Books for Kids.
Kids love getting their own mail — boost their reading skills by subscribing to one of these great magazines for kids!
Load up your kids’ device with these 9 expert-approved reading and book apps and see how quickly your children turn into little e-bookworms!
A solid reader still needs storytime, even when your kid can read by herself. Keep the routine going with our advice and book recommendations!

Halloween Head-Start

We’ve got the lowdown on the good and the bad in your kiddo’s Halloween candy haul. (Don’t worry, there’s plenty of sweet among the treats!)
Costume woes and friend drama don’t have to ruin your family’s Halloween. We have scary-easy advice for your trickiest situations.
These scary easy crafts for kids will keep your little monsters busy with Halloween decorations, party activities, and quiet play.
What's a more perfect pair than a parent and child? Dress up together for Halloween with these cool costume ideas!

Health and Safety Tips

The right age for braces just got younger! Here's what parents need to know.
Millions of kids start each day without enough z’s — and that could be hurting their chances in the classroom.
Fewer kids getting vaccines means measles are making a comeback. Here's what you need to know.
Take our quiz to find out what your child caught. Then, try expert-approved feel-better tips that'll help you survive cold and flu season.

Fast Family Meals

Easy. Cheap. Delicious. Toss out those takeout menus and get cookin’!
These breakfast recipes will give kids the power to conquer whatever challenge their day might hold!
Maximize fun family time by minimizing, and sharing, kitchen tasks.
Apples are at their juicy best in the fall. Here are 10 clever ways to enjoy the bounty, from Galas to Granny Smiths.

Parent & Child Magazine

Scholastic Parent & Child magazine helps parents guide their children from day care through fifth grade with joy and confidence. Through its exciting articles and unique resources, Parent & Child provides information, wisdom, and inspiration that will help parents maximize their children's happiness and success in school, and home. We focus on academics, social development, emotional well-being, physical health, and behavior to help shape well-rounded kids. Inside you will find articles on family, travel, food, educational toys, pets, and activities that kids can learn from.

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