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Parent Guide: Storytelling and Read-Aloud Resources for All Ages

Parent Guide: Storytelling and Read-Aloud Resources for All Ages

Use these book lists, activities, blogs and more to help you and your family incorporate storytelling into your reading routines.

Book Lists for Reading Together

These books about indigenous peoples emphasize the revelatory powers of Mother Nature and the tremendous strength of one's own spirit.
Bring your family together with these celebrated tales that appeal to all ages.
Lull your little one to sleep with the sweet words of these soothing stories.
Prepare your child for a good night's sleep with these nighttime favorites.

Storytelling Activities

Author and performer Donna Washington shares age-appropriate storytelling tips.
Ask your child: How would you end that fairy tale?
See what flows from your child's imagination with this colorful, book-inspired activity.
Your child can explore fairy tales and fables — some of them fractured!

Printables for Little Storytellers

Try this Halloween activity with your children. Grab some dice and have your kids roll their way to a spooky story.
Tickle your child's funny bone while developing writing skills with this printable minibook.
Support strong writing skills with this fill-in-the-blank activity.
Ask kids to make up answers for each of these fill-in-the-blanks, then plug those words into the story below!


Give on-the-fly storytelling a try — it’s rewarding for both your kids and yourself.
Use books and stories to share values with a young child.
Help your child learn without stifling confidence or turning reading time into a chore.
Try these tips for enriching your young child’s reading experience.

Blog Posts

Learn how to make DIY story stones to enjoy imaginative storytelling with your child.
Campfires are good for more than s'mores! Try out these family-friendly storytelling ideas and literacy-builders on your next camping trip.
Oral storytelling itself is a great way to improve children's oral fluency and help them understand concepts that underpin literacy and literature.
Use family photos as prompts for storytelling.
Here are some digital tools parents can use to tell stories with their children.
Follow this basic process to help your child recognize that a drawing is a story – and that your child is a natural-born storyteller.
Share family memories with your children using this fun storytelling exercise.

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