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Parent Guide to Learning Disabilities

Parent Guide to Learning Disabilities

Find out how your child with a learning disability can succeed despite the many challenging diagnoses and school struggles.

Understanding Learning Disabilities

Here are the next steps to take if your child is diagnosed with a learning disorder.
Find out if your child has an undiagnosed learning disability as reading demands mount.
Smooth the path to middle school for a child with learning challenges.
"Learning disability" can be a scary phrase. Find out the facts about learning disabilities and what it takes to help kids with LDs... more
What to do if your child is diagnosed with a learning disability.
Know what to expect when your child undergoes learning disability testing.

Diagnosing Dyslexia

Detect a learning disability now — while there’s still time to address it.
Find out why your son struggles with reading and what to do about it.
Dr. Sally Shaywitz offers new facts — and new hope — about how every young child can become a better reader.
Use these books to show how learning disabilities, like dyslexia, don't have to detour your kids' dreams.

Paying Attention to ADD and ADHD

Learn about the many causes of inattentive behavior.
Learn why your child may have difficulty focusing — and why the best response is to identify her unique strengths and weaknesses.
Television commercials can affect your child's diet, and in turn, his learning.
These record-breaking sports stars achieved greatness despite struggles with learning differences.

Finding Success in Special Needs and Autism

Autism awareness reaches far beyond parents raising kids with autism. These books help to inspire and inform friends and classmates, too.
Focus on specific problem behaviors instead of diagnostic labels, says this renowned child psychiatrist.
Understand the acronyms you're most likely to come across as a parent.
Knowing the signs and pursuing early treatment tailored to your child's specific needs is key to helping him shoot for the stars.
Strengthen the relationships between siblings when one has autism.
Moms of kids with autism share the biggest misconceptions about this complex brain disorder.
April is National Autism Awareness Month. How can we better understand and engage children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)?

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