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Astronauts, Stargazers, and the Planets

Blast off! Your little one will discover the wonders of space and get to know the planets in the solar system.
by Susan Canizares , Daniel Moreton

Photographs and simple text describe how the sun brings light and warmth to all living things from sunrise to sunset.

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Cover image for Stargazers
by Gail Gibbons

In characteristically strong and simple style, author Gibbons teaches young audiences all about the work of early astronomers, as well as basic facts about stars, galaxies, constellations and planetariums.

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Cover image for Hedgie Blasts Off!
Hedgie Blasts Off!
by Jan Brett Illustrated by Jan Brett

From the author of Honey...Honey...Lion! comes the story of Hedgie, who wants more than anything to be an astronaut and travel into space. He gets his chance the day Big Sparkler, the geyser, starts to sputter and fade, disappointing all the alien tourists.

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Cover image for Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong
by Dana Meachen Rau

This biography is an introduction to the life of astronaut Neil Armstrong, who was the first man on the moon.

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Cover image for Watching the Moon
Watching the Moon
Series: Welcome Books
by Edana Eckart
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Cover image for Astronauts
by Carmen Bredeson
In simple detail, young readers can read about a favorite topic: astronauts. Here they will learn some of the basic vocabulary of space travel and the many tasks astronauts have to do.

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Cover image for Sun, Moon & Stars
Sun, Moon & Stars
by Stephanie Turnbull Illustrated by Kuo Kang Chen

Budding scientists discover what the sun is made of, how astronauts got to the moon, and what causes an eclipse. Striking color photographs accompany a straight-forward fact-filled text.

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Cover image for The Magic School Bus Blasts Into Space
The Magic School Bus Blasts Into Space
by Joanna Cole Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Carlos brings a space game to school. Then the Magic School Bus takes a field trip inside the game! Can Ms. Frizzle's class answer the space clues and make it out of the game? Blast off with the Magic School Bus and learn all about the solar system!

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Cover image for Getting Ready for Space
Getting Ready for Space
by Carmen Bredeson
Working underwater, riding in an airplane, and using special machines are some of the ways astronauts prepare for space travel in this book filled with colorful photos.

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Cover image for Living on a Space Shuttle
Living on a Space Shuttle
by Carmen Bredeson
Learn what life is like in a space shuttle in this book filled with colorful photographs.
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Cover image for Postcards from Pluto
Postcards from Pluto
by Loreen Leedy Illustrated by Loreen Leedy

Six lucky kids are off on a guided tour of the solar system — and readers get to tag along! Led by the robot guide, Dr. Quasar, the group journeys to the sun and then from Mercury down to Pluto (still listed as a planet here).

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