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Poetry for Preteens

Open your middle-schooler's mind to a world of language with these poetry collections and free verse novels.
Cover image for Unbound
by Ann E. Burg

Grace has grown up in slavery. As difficult as life on the Virginia plantation is, at least she has her family: Momma, her younger brothers, Thomas and Willy, Aunt Sara, and Uncle Jim. When she overhears Master and Mistress plotting to sell her brothers, she and her family decide to run away that same night.

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Cover image for Carl Sandburg
Carl Sandburg
by Carl Sandburg Illustrated by Steve Arcella

Poet Carl Sandburg takes readers through back roads and busy cities with everyday people and animals. Readers will enjoy the magic of the poetry with the beautiful illustrations that were specially commissioned.

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Cover image for Amiri and Odette: A Love Story
Amiri and Odette: A Love Story
by Walter Dean Myers Illustrated by Javaka Steptoe

Acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers explores the sweet, sharp, spark of love between two teens, in a modern retelling of the Swan Lake ballet.

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Cover image for All the Broken Pieces
All the Broken Pieces
by Ann E. Burg

Two years after being airlifted out of war-torn Vietnam, Matt Pin is haunted — by bombs that fell like dead crows, by smoke and death, by the brother (and the terrible secret) he left behind.

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Cover image for The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou
The Complete Collected Poems of Maya Angelou
by Maya Angelou

Brought together for the first time, here are all of Maya Angelou's published poems — including "On the Pulse of Morning", her inaugural poem — in a handsome collectible hardcover edition. The complete texts of Angelou's previous volumes of poetry have been reset and redesigned for this edition.

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Cover image for The Dreamer
The Dreamer
by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Much to his father's disappointment, Neftalí is not like other children.
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Cover image for Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe
by Edgar Allan Poe Illustrated by Carolynn Cobleigh

The writings of Edgar Allan Poe are featured in this collection of poetry and excerpts of short stories, including the popular "The Raven" and "Annabel Lee." A brief biography of Poe's life is included in the introduction.

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Cover image for The Best Poems Ever
The Best Poems Ever
by Various
This fantastic collection contains a wide range of poems, including ones by Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Gwendolyn Brooks, Percy Bysshe Shelley and many more. A great way to spark students' interest in poetry.
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Cover image for Rainbows Are Made: Poems
Rainbows Are Made: Poems
by Carl Sandburg , Lee Bennett Hopkins Illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg
This book of poetry, written by one of America's celebrated poets, treats us to seventy mostly short poems including, "Grass," "Nocturn Cabbage," and "The Hammer."
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Cover image for Walt Whitman
Walt Whitman
by Walt Whitman Illustrated by Jim Burke

This volume introduces young readers to Walt Whitman's most famous poems, including "On the Beach at Night," "The Runaway Slave," extracts from Leaves of Grass and "I Sing the Body Electric." It includes a biography of Whitman, reader's notes and difficult word definitions.

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Cover image for A Child's Anthology of Poetry
A Child's Anthology of Poetry
by Elizabeth Hauge Sword , Victoria McCarthy Illustrated by Tom Pohrt
This tenth-anniversary reissue of a timeless collection celebrates the joys of poetry for children of all ages.
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Cover image for Cornflakes: Poems
Cornflakes: Poems
by James Stevenson Illustrated by James Stevenson
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Cover image for Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll
by Lewis Carroll Illustrated by Eric Copeland

With fantastic characters and enchanting language, Lewis Carroll created magical wonderlands children have always loved to visit. These 26 selections from his classic works have never lost their fascination.

Praise for Lewis Carroll

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