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Celebrate Halloween!

Get your 5-7 year old in the ghoulish spirit with these fun tales.
Cover image for Mary McScary
Mary McScary
by R. L. Stine Illustrated by Marc Brown
Meet Mary McScary. Mary likes to be scary. She scares her mom, her dad, her pets, and even a balloon! But there's just one person Mary can't scare -- her cousin, Harry McScary. He's not afraid of the usual things, like spiders, snakes, and other creepy crawlies.
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Cover image for Clifford's Halloween
Clifford's Halloween
by Norman Bridwell Illustrated by Norman Bridwell
Out of all the holidays, Emily Elizabeth and Clifford like Halloween the most. They play games, trick-or-treat in the neighborhood, and tell ghost stories. Best of all, they can wear costumes! Clown, witch, knight, or ghost — what will Clifford decide to dress up as this year?
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Cover image for The Hallo-Wiener
The Hallo-Wiener
by Dav Pilkey Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

When is a hot dog not a hot dog? When he becomes a hero sandwich!

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Cover image for The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever
by Steven Kroll Illustrated by Jeni Bassett

Desmond the field mouse wants to carve the biggest jack-o'-lantern in the neighborhood with his pumpkin. Clayton the house mouse wants to win the Biggest Pumpkin contest with his.

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Cover image for Clifford's Scary Halloween (3-D Glasses)
Clifford's Scary Halloween (3-D Glasses)
by Sonali Fry Illustrated by Jim Durk
Join Clifford and his friends as they trick-or-treat down the spooky streets of Birdwell Island. A pair of 3-D glasses makes this book even more fun!
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Cover image for Class from the Black Lagoon, The
Class from the Black Lagoon, The
Series: Black Lagoon
by Mike Thaler Illustrated by Jared D. Lee

It's another scary day at the Black Lagoon, especially for the new teacher, Mrs. Green. She's nervous about the first day of school. Is it true that her new class is really weird and that they put their last three teachers into early retirement?

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Cover image for Corduroy's Halloween
Corduroy's Halloween
by B. G. Hennessy , Don Freeman Illustrated by Lisa McCue
From choosing a costume and joining a window-painting contest, to going trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples at the party afterwards, Corduroy cheerfully leads the way to a fun-filled Halloween. Based on the character created by Don Freeman. Full color.
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Cover image for Halloween Mice
Halloween Mice
by Bethany Roberts Illustrated by Doug Cushman

Simple, spirited verse and lively watercolors capture the excited anticipation and shivery delight of a favorite holiday. Four Halloween mice dress up in costumes for a midnight romp in the pumpkin patch— but they don't count on a Halloween cat!

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Cover image for Yoko Reader: Halloween Parade
Yoko Reader: Halloween Parade
by Rosemary Wells Illustrated by Rosemary Wells
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Cover image for Froggy's Halloween
Froggy's Halloween
by Jonathan London Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

After a week of trying to decide what Halloween costume to wear, Froggy finally decides to dress as the Frog Prince. He makes himself so adorable, however, that Frogilina wants to kiss him. Uh-oh; looks like this could be the scariest Halloween ever!

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Cover image for Skeleton Cat
Skeleton Cat
by Kristyn Crow Illustrated by Dan Krall

After nine lives, Skeleton Cat is back for his 10th. And he has a big dream: to be a drummer. So he rattles and shakes his way through town to find the perfect band. And this phantom cat causes quite a hilarious scene.

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Cover image for Cinderella Skeleton
Cinderella Skeleton
by Robert D. San Souci Illustrated by David Catrow

Meet Cinderella Skeleton, as sweetly foul as only a ghoul can be. Poor Cinderella has no one to help her hang the cobwebs and arrange dead flowers — certainly not her evil stepsisters. But the Halloween Ball is just around the corner. Will Cinderella find happiness at last?

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Cover image for Schol Rdr Lvl 3: Fluffy's Happy Halloween
Schol Rdr Lvl 3: Fluffy's Happy Halloween
by Kate McMullan Illustrated by Mavis Smith
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Cover image for Dora's Spooky Halloween
Dora's Spooky Halloween
by Sonali Fry

Dora is trying on lots of different outfits. Should she be a doctor, a cat, or an astronaut? Boots is going to be a vampire and Diego a pirate, but Dora just can't decide.

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Cover image for School for Ghost Girls
School for Ghost Girls
by Rebecca Gómez
Best friends Maude, CJ, and Tiny are so excited to start third grade at Boo Academy (affectionately called Boo La La), the world's premier haunting school! The ghost girls love their new dorm mother, Ms. Finley. But she has some strange characteristics that make them think that she might be... human. Could it be?!
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Cover image for Can You See What I See? On a Scary Scary Night
Can You See What I See? On a Scary Scary Night
by Walter Wick Illustrated by Walter Wick
Adapting the classic folk tale "In a Dark, Dark Wood", bestselling author and photographer Wick has created a search-and-find book that features frightfully fun illustrations of a haunted mansion, as well as dozens of miniature houses, to depict a scary town. Full color.
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Cover image for Halloween Rescue
Halloween Rescue
Series: LEGO City
by Trey King Illustrated by Sean Wang

The fun never stops in LEGO City, especially not at the fire station's Halloween Party! But when a fire threatens an abandoned home, will it be the ghosts and ghouls who help the fire department to save the day?

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Cover image for Skeleton Meets the Mummy
Skeleton Meets the Mummy
by Steve Metzger Illustrated by Aaron Zenz
On Halloween night, Sammy has to walk through the dark woods before he can go trick-or-treating with his best friend, Derek. But someone — or something — is following him. Scritch! Scratch! What could it be? Sammy is scared...until he sees a scrap of fabric flapping in the wind and gets an idea.
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Cover image for Monster Mash
Monster Mash
by David Catrow Illustrated by David Catrow

In this illustrated version of the classic novelty song, a mad scientist's monster performs a new dance which becomes "the hit of the land" when the scientist throws a party for other monsters.

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