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Inspirational Women

Celebrate Women's History Month with these books about compelling historical figures.
Cover image for Clara and Davie
Clara and Davie
by Patricia Polacco Illustrated by Patricia Polacco

From bestselling author Patricia Polacco's family tree: the true story of young Clara Barton.

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Cover image for Chasing Freedom
Chasing Freedom
by Nikki Grimes Illustrated by Michele Wood

Nikki Grimes offers a glimpse into the inspiring lives of Susan B. Anthony and Harriet Tubman, with breathtaking illustrations by Michele Wood!

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Cover image for Frida
by Jonah Winter Illustrated by Ana Juan
When Frida Kahlo's mother was worn out from caring for her five sisters, her father gave Frida lessons in brushwork and color. When polio kept her bedridden for nine months, drawing saved her from boredom. When a bus accident left her in agony, her paintings expressed her pain and depression — and her joys and loves.
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Cover image for Easy Bio: Amelia Earhart, Adventure in the Sky
Easy Bio: Amelia Earhart, Adventure in the Sky
by Francene Sabin Illustrated by Karen Milone
Amelia Earhart, known as the world's greatest female flier, lived a life full of adventure. At a time when girls weren't allowed to do what boys did, Amelia's parents encouraged Amelia to be physical and take risks.
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Cover image for Women Who Changed the World
Women Who Changed the World
by Laurie Calkhoven Illustrated by Patricia Castelao

Women have always played an important role in the history of the United States. But before they were women, they were regular girls just like anyone else. So how did these seemingly ordinary girls grow up to be such extradorinary women?

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Cover image for I Could Do That!
I Could Do That!
by Linda Arms White Illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

With lively text and humorous illustrations, this striking picture book biography is the true story of Esther Morris, who started out life believing she could do anything, and then proved it, by building her own business, raising a family in the Wild West, working to get women the vote for the first time, and

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Cover image for Different Like Coco
Different Like Coco
by Elizabeth Matthews Illustrated by Elizabeth Matthews

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was always different. And she vowed to prove that being different was an advantage! Poor, skinny, and orphaned, Coco stubbornly believed that she was as good as the wealthier girls of Paris.

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Cover image for A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman
A Picture Book of Harriet Tubman
by David A. Adler Illustrated by Samuel Byrd
This lavishly illustrated book describes the life and accomplishments of the woman who led slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. A brief chronology is included.
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Cover image for Meet the Women of American Soccer
Meet the Women of American Soccer
by Wayne Coffey
History was made in 1996 when the first Olympic gold-medal women’s soccer game was played in Athens, Georgia. Today, over seven million women and girls play soccer in the United States.
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Cover image for The Ballot Box Battle
The Ballot Box Battle
by Emily Arnold McCully Illustrated by Emily Arnold McCully
In Tenafly, New Jersey, in 1880, a young girl named Cordelia isn't interested in hearing her neighbor's stories about the fight for women's suffrage. But on election day, Cordelia prompts Mrs. Stanton to tell the heart wrenching story of her own childhood, and how it steeled her for the battles of her adult life.
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