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Election Books

As election season heats up, let your 5- to 8-year-old child explore the drama of campaigning, voting, and competition with these books.
Cover image for If I Ran for President
If I Ran for President
by Catherine Stier Illustrated by Lynne Avril

A multicultural cast of children imagines what it would be like to run for president. The entertaining yet informative text is a good conversation starter for discussions on the election process.

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Cover image for Election Day
Election Day
by Margaret McNamara Illustrated by Mike Gordon

Becky, the new girl in Ms. Connor's class, doesn't think she stands a chance of being elected class president on Election Day. All the other kids have such great ideas! Nick promises no homework. Katie promises a candy machine in the classroom. Reza promises longer recess, and Emma promises a shorter school year.

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Cover image for Otto Runs for President
Otto Runs for President
by Rosemary Wells Illustrated by Rosemary Wells

Free Teaching Resource: Write a Campaign Speech

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Cover image for Clifford for President
Clifford for President
by Acton Figueroa Illustrated by Tom La Padula
Clifford is running for President...of the Birdwell Island dog park! Emily Elizabeth needs to put up a candidate for a class project, so of course she nominates the Big Red Dog who's always a big winner!
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Cover image for Vote for Me!: All about Civics
Vote for Me!: All about Civics
Series: Beastieville
by Kirsten Hall Illustrated by Bev Luedecke

The Beasties must choose a class president. As class elections approach, all the Beasties consider their special qualities.


Grades K–4 National Social Studies Standards

Civic Ideals and Practices X

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Cover image for Vote!
by Eileen Christelow Illustrated by Eileen Christelow

Using a town's mayoral election as a model, this lively introduction to voting covers every step in the process, from the start of the campaign all the way to the voting booth. There"s even a recount!

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