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Love-Filled Picture Books for Valentine's Day

From first crushes to very best friends, these picture books are perfect companions to Valentine's Day.
Cover image for I Spy Little Hearts
I Spy Little Hearts
Series: I Spy
by Jean Marzollo Illustrated by Walter Wick

Filled with fun photos from the original "I SPY" series, this sweet new I SPY Board Book comes with a holographic foil cover! Preschoolers can search for hearts galore, as well as other intriguing toys and trinkets! Picture clues and rhyming riddles guide the youngest readers through twelve delightful puzzles.

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Cover image for Who Will Be My Valentine This Year?
Who Will Be My Valentine This Year?
by Jerry Pallotta Illustrated by David Biedrzycki

Tomorrow is February 14th and Hippo is looking for a valentine, but all of the animals she asks — Leopard, Dolphin, Butterfly, Elephant, and more — give reasons as to why they aren't good matches for her. Will Hippo have to celebrate Valentine's Day alone?

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Cover image for How Do I Love You?
How Do I Love You?
by Marion Dane Bauer Illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church
"How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love you as the sun loves the bright blue days..."
In this rhyming story book, a parent declares her the bees love a flower, a duck loves a shower, a bird loves to sing, and a bear loves the spring.
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Board Book: $7.19

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Board Book: $7.19

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Cover image for Snuggle Puppy! (BRD)
Snuggle Puppy! (BRD)
by Sandra Boynton Illustrated by Sandra Boynton
A great big hug in book form, Snuggle Puppy is a year-round valentine from parent to child. It's packed, of course, with pure Boynton: her inimitable language, her inimitable illustrations, her inimitable sense of fun.
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Cover image for Super-Secret Valentine
Super-Secret Valentine
Series: Ready, Freddy!, Book #10
by Abby Klein Illustrated by John McKinley

It's Valentine's Day, and Freddy wants to make a special card for his friend Jessie. But Freddy is afraid the other children in his first grade class will laugh at him. How can he keep it a secret? Join Freddy as he tries to cut and paste his way into Jessie's heart.

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Cover image for Love Letters
Love Letters
by Arnold Adoff Illustrated by Lisa Desimini
Come celebrate the many joys of love letters as award-winning poet Arnold Adoff and renowned artist Lisa Desimini add a splash of humor and spirit to the tradition of valentines and love notes.
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Cover image for Love Bugs
Love Bugs
by David A. Carter
A playful pop-up for "your" favorite Love Bug.

Have you "hugged" a bug today?

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Cover image for I Like You
I Like You
by Sandol Stoddard Illustrated by Jacqueline Chwast
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Cover image for The Velveteen Rabbit
The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams

The Velveteen Rabbit, a stuffed toy, waits in the nursery for a child to call its own. The other toys also wait for the day the boy will pick them for a playmate. As time goes by, Rabbit grows weary and worries that it will never be chosen.

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Cover image for A Book of Kisses
A Book of Kisses
by Dave Ross Illustrated by Laura Rader
There are many people in the world and many types of kisses that they give to others. Kisses can say so many things and be given at so many times that it's nice to know when kisses are used. This book explains the different types of kisses.
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Cover image for Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: MR. VALENTINE
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!: MR. VALENTINE
by Mara Conlon , Scholastic

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Wubbzy’s mailbox is empty. Something must be wrong! It turns out the mailman is sick and can’t make any deliveries, so Wubbzy, Widget, and Walden offer to deliver the cards instead.

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Cover image for What Is Love?
What Is Love?
by Etan Boritzer Illustrated by Robbie Marantz

What is Love? presents a multicultural point of view on the themes of goodwill and tolerance. The author challenges the child's own natural curiosity to reflect on these contemporary issues.

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Cover image for The Patient Stone
The Patient Stone
by Margaret Olivia Wolfson

Wolfson's re-telling of a classic Persian love story has appeal for young children drawn to fairy tale-quest stories and older children who can appreciate the story's messages about patience and bravery.

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