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Books About Divorce and Separation for Ages 11-13

Share these titles with your tween on understanding and working through family-related stress.
Cover image for Notes from the Midnight Driver
Notes from the Midnight Driver
by Jordan Sonnenblick

When usually well-behaved Alex hatches one of his possibly-not-so-brilliant schemes to shake up his separated parents, it lands him in some serious hot water like with the police.

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Cover image for serafina67 *urgently requires life*
serafina67 *urgently requires life*
by Susie Day

Serafina doesn't have a boyfriend, doesn't have a best friend, and her parents fight all the time. But she does have a shiny new laptop (a present from her guilt-ridden and therefore overly generous dad). And with the shiny new laptop comes a shiny new identity: serafina67, blogging (and kissing) addict.

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Cover image for Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie
Drums, Girls & Dangerous Pie
by Jordan Sonnenblick

A brave and beautiful story that will make readers laugh, and break their hearts at the same time. Now with a special note from the author!

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Cover image for Bounce
by Natasha Friend

Evyn's had enough problems in her life, starting with her mother's death when she was young. But now her father's thrown a whole new batch her way. Not only is he marrying a woman Evyn hardly knows, but he's uprooting Evyn and her brother to go live with this woman and her children.

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Cover image for A Corner of White
A Corner of White
Series: Colors of Madeleine, The, Book #1
by Jaclyn Moriarty

The first in a rousing, funny, genre-busting trilogy from bestseller Jaclyn Moriarty!

This is a tale of missing persons. Madeleine and her mother have run away from their former life, under mysterious circumstances, and settled in a rainy corner of Cambridge (in our world).

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Cover image for The Divorce Express
The Divorce Express
by Paula Danziger
Shuttling between her divorced parents, Phoebe is on the "Divorce Express," a bus on which she spends too much time but where she also makes a startling discovery. "Danziger's light style laced with humor will continue to attract readers." — Booklist.
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Cover image for Buttermilk Hill
Buttermilk Hill
by Ruth White
Until Piper Berry is ten years old, life is simple and stable in her hometown of Buttermilk Hill, North Carolina. She lives with her mom and dad, spends time listening to her grandmother s stories, and has fun with her best friend aunt, who is also her age. But then her parents divorce.
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Cover image for Sisters
by Raina Telgemeier Illustrated by Raina Telgemeier

The companion to Raina Telgemeier's #1 New York Times bestselling and Eisner Award-winning graphic memoir, Smile.

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