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Books That Really Pop!

Surprising and interactive, these pop-up books will have your early elementary readers leaping with excitement.
Cover image for Mommy?
by Arthur Yorinks Illustrated by Maurice Sendak

In this amazing book, the legendary Maurice Sendak re-invents himself yet again with his first ever pop-up book! A little boy is looking for his mommy. In each incredible page-spread he encounters a variety of familiar monsters. Is the boy scared? Of course not! Does he find his mommy at the end? Of course!

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Cover image for Honeybee and the Robber, The
Honeybee and the Robber, The
by Eric Carle

Follow an adventurous honeybee as she goes about her busy day, sipping nectar from flowers, avoiding hungry birds and playing with butterflies. But when a robber bear scratches at their nest looking for honey, all the bees must rush out to defend their home.

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Cover image for Sabuda & Reinhart Present: Castle
Sabuda & Reinhart Present: Castle
by Kyle Olmon Illustrated by Tracy Sabin

More than 15 intricate pop-ups accompany the fascinating text which guides readers through the different aspects of life in a medieval castle. Readers will learn about knighting ceremonies, battles, and feasts.

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Cover image for Monster Who Loved Books, The
Monster Who Loved Books, The
by Keith Faulkner Illustrated by Jonathan Lambert
Kids of all ages will eat up this pop-up book about a monster who loves books.

"Had Bradley really met a monster? A monster who loved books?"
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Cover image for Backyard Bugs
Backyard Bugs
Children take a journey of discovery in these books where stunning images of favorite animals literally spring from the page. This new series features photographic pop-ups that will inspire children to learn more about the natural world around them.
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