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6th Grade Readiness

Entering middle school is a great leap! Be sure your child takes the necessary steps for 6th grade readiness.

Learning Benefits

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Social Skills

Nerves and excitement abound for most children as they prepare to enter middle school. Classes are more difficult, the social scene is more complicated, and the workload increases considerably. Help your new middle schooler with 6th grade readiness through lots of communication and encouragement. The more you know about 6th grade readiness, the better you’ll be able to guide her through her preparations.

6th Grade Readiness: Changes
In middle school, most students will change classrooms several times a day for the first time. This can be a source of great anxiety — if possible, visit the middle school before the first day to get your child oriented in the unfamiliar building. That way, the mad dash to the next class on the first day won’t seem so overwhelming. Transitions are always difficult, but confronting your child’s fears head-on will ease the path. 

6th Grade Readiness: Academics
Classes in 6th grade require students to work much more independently than in the elementary years. Simple worksheets and rote exercises give way to research projects and assignments that depend on critical thinking. See our Preparing for Middle School page for some specifics to expect.  

6th Grade Readiness: Social Skills
The middle school building is often much larger than elementary schools, and definitely bustling with social activity. Many of your child’s grade-school friends might be heading off to different classes (or even different schools!), and making new friends is high on the list of new middle schoolers’ concerns. Be a resource for your child by listening to their fears and problems, and give advice when appropriate. Guide your student toward after-school activities and clubs, sports teams, or volunteer opportunities.  

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