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9 Ideas for a Home Science Center

Encourage your young child's natural curiosity about the world around him by keeping science-related materials handy.

Learning Benefits

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Following Directions

Teach your child a science lesson at the drop of the hat with these simple materials perfect for any at-home science experiment. 

  1. Magnifying glasses, plastic mirrors, and prisms
  2. Flashlights and colored cellophane
  3. Magnets
  4. Twigs, leaves, nuts, seeds, eggshells, feathers, and shells
  5. Stones, minerals, and fossils
  6. Lotto games and matching cards of plants and animals
  7. Plants — small cacti in sand, ferns in peat moss, and dwarf citrus trees in sandy loam
  8. Empty bird or insect nests
  9. Beans, grains, rice, and coffee beans for sorting and exploring

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