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Common Discipline Problems

Help turn common discipline problems into teachable moments.

Learning Benefits

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Social Skills

For most children, the times when they'll need discipline are fairly predictable. It's a lot easier to turn such petty crimes into teachable moments when you know what to expect at each "touch-point" of development.

Your 3 year old is learning about sharing, taking turns, and following rules. Predictable problems:

  1. Hitting
  2. Throwing things
  3. Refusing to go to bed
  4. Slipping away in a crowd

Your 4 year old is learning about following rules and paying attention to boundaries. Predictable problems:

  1. Stealing
  2. Lying
  3. Name calling
  4. Toilet talk

Your 5 year old is learning about controlling desires and taking responsibility for his actions. Predictable problems:

  1. Stealing
  2. Cheating
  3. Teasing
  4. Talking back

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