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Reasons to Love February

Warm up to this month’s flurry of holidays with these ideas for fun family snow projects.

Learning Benefits

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Groundhog's Day: Set a timer for one minute and see who can dig the deepest burrow (just like the groundhogs). Can your child see his own shadow today?

Valentine’s Day: Fill a squeeze bottle with water and a few drops of red food coloring. Use the colorful brew to write sweet messages in the snow.

Mardi Gras: Raid the closet for a mask, beaded necklaces, and more. Then trick out your sleds in green, purple, and gold decorations and parade around the yard.

George Washington’s Birthday: Make a snow cake! Gather three pots of different sizes and pack with snow. Turn the largest one over and then the other two on top. Add candles and sing “Happy Birthday” to our nation’s founder.

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Source: Snow Cake adapted from Snow Play (Artisan Books, 2010) by Birgitta Ralston.
Photo Credit: XiXinXing/Thinkstock

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