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To succeed in school and in life, your child needs to learn more than reading and writing. He also needs an understanding of how to stay strong and fit by eating well and exercising. Here's how you can promote healthy habits at home. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation offers handy printables (see PDFs below) full of advice, or click on the article links to learn more. Plus: Inspire kids with this sticker chart (PDF). It includes tons of stickers (print them yourself on mailing labels) to reward efforts such as jumping rope or trying a new vegetable.


Health & Fitness



Making Better Choices at Fast-Food Restaurants PDF
Reading Food Labels 101 PDF
Take Control of Portion Sizes PDF
Top 10 Tips for Dealing with Picky Eaters PDF
6 Tips for Building a Brain-Fueling Home
7 Great No-Shop Snacks
Fueled to Succeed
It's Brain Food, Dude!
Snacks Rule!
Warming Up with Smart Snacks
What's for Lunch?
When Young Children are Overweight


Health & Fitness

Cutting Back on Screen Time and Getting Your Family Moving PDF
Little Ways to Become a Better Health Model PDF
Talking Health with Your Kids PDF
Talking to Your Child's Doctor or Nurse PDF
7 Ways to Keep Your Family Fit Indoors
Preventing the Spread of Germs
Sleepless Everywhere
Turn Off the TV to Fight Fat


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