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Picky Eater Problem: My Kid Won't Eat Fruit or Veggies

Here are three simple ways to incorporate healthy produce into snacks and lunches that may just win over your picky eater.

Learning Benefits

There’s no use crying over spilled carrots, so let’s focus on how to get your son to eat his healthy goodies in the future. Here are three simple ways to present produce that may just win your child over:

Repackage Them: Kebabs are a great way to ensure your child gets variety: Skewer tangerine sections, grapes, small strawberries, melon cubes, and kiwi slices. (Or try cutting slices of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew with a cookie cutter.) Another yummy combo is cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and cheese cubes.

Try Dried: Several companies now offer organic, no-sugar-added dried fruit. It’s not the same thing as traditional dried fruit, which is chewier and has additives.

Downplay Them: If you’ve got a real veggie-phobe on your hands, make carrots and zucchini into a colorful condiment. Shred them with a julienne peeler, and sprinkle them on lunch box pizza slices, pasta, or inside sandwiches.

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