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Social Skills


Once upon a time it was me, Mom, and Dad,

When Bubba came home, things quickly got bad. 

When Mommy and Daddy said “Give him a chance,” 

I said, “No way, he still poops in his pants!”



I thought Bubba was cute when he couldn't talk,

But my whole world was changed when he started to walk. 

Bubba was everywhere; he took everything;

He broke my pterodactyl's wing! 



I thought, Something has got to be wrong with this boy!

Why must he always play with my toy?

Always diving off couches and sliding down stairs,

Bubba doesn't have fear, and I don't think he cares! 



Sometimes I wish he would just let me be,

But he always insists upon tackling me! 

And when I want time with Mom or with Dad,

He interrupts us, and I really get mad. 

I liked it when I was the only one.

When Bubba came home, I stopped having fun.    



Well . . . I guess that Bubba can sometimes be fun.

We draw on the sidewalk, and we both like to run.

I do think it's funny when he hides things in drawers,

and I'm trying to teach him about dinosaurs.   



At dinner I laugh when I see Bubba drool.

When I ride my big bike, Bubba thinks I am cool.

I like to take Bubba on make-believe walks,

And I giggle sometimes at the way Bubba talks.   



Bathtime with Bubba is always big fun!

We like to splash water on everyone!

And Bubba will always kiss me goodnight,

Even after we've had the biggest of fights. 



My friends all like Bubba, and . . . Oh no! . . . I might, too! 

If he wasn't around, what would I do?

I am Bubba's big sister and that makes me smile;

I am good at my job (I've been at it a while). 



When Bubba came home, I thought things got bad,

But if he wasn't around . . . I think I'd be sad!

There are times I don't like Bubba, and I think that's okay.

'Cause I know that I love Bubba every day! 



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Illustrations by Tom Booth

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