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Parent & Child's Manners Bootcamp

Are you ready to dine with civilized humans again? Our 5-day Table Manners makeover plan can tame the wildest of your beasts. Let’s get started!

Learning Benefits

Day 1: Setting The Table
Setting the table — properly — helps kids feel invested in making dinner time special. Show him the picture in this printable, and have him practice a few times. Then when he’s ready for a “test,” use our checklist to log what he got right.


Day 2: Waiting Games
A big part of table manners involves learning self-control. Today we highlight three behaviors to work on — choose whichever is the biggest issue for your child. If you want to focus on all three, consider breaking them up. Check the boxes as your child completes each task.


Day 3: Napkin Adventures
It seems like such a simple thing — use the cloth/paper square to stay clean. But since cleanliness and kids rarely mix, use our two-step review.


Day 4: Chatting & Chewing
No one likes “see food,” right? Hearing food is just as bad. Today we zero in on these behaviors, plus how to politely ask for— or reject — more. Feel free to break them up. Check off the tasks as you go.


Day 5: Putting It All Together!
Let’s see how the kids did this week. Give them this little quiz. Don’t expect a perfect score! This stuff takes patience!



When they’re done, don’t forget to give them their certificate for completing the challenge.

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