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It's Really Ever Time for School!

Charlie and Lola, sibling stars of the popular book and TV series, chat about the start of a new school year.

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It's back to school for Charlie and Lola, the stars of the popular picture book and television series of the same name, and Charlie's got some questions for his little sister. Listen in as they share their excitement for the coming school year and all the new experiences that lie ahead.


CHARLIE: So Lola, it's nearly time to go back to school! There will be new teachers and new friends, and new things to learn, are you looking forward to it?

LOLA: I am extremely everso excited, but Soren Lorensen is quite nervous, so I am helping him practice counting to ten.


CHARLIE: That's good because do you remember how nervous you were on your first ever day at school?

LOLA: Yes, but now I'm very clever and I'm absolutely not nervous.


CHARLIE: You know we will be in different grades, but we can always talk at recess.

LOLA: Oh, I don't really need to talk to you at school because I'm extremely everso grown up!  But maybe we could jump rope . . . if I feel like it a bit?


CHARLIE: Yes, if you feel like it!

LOLA: And maybe, if I don't understand the numbers, you could help because you have done these numbers already?


CHARLIE: Yeah! I'll help you, I love counting! We will have to get up early so we have time to get ready for school.

LOLA: Yes, but we must remember to crunch our cereal, and I will slurp my pink milk.


CHARLIE: And Mum says we should eat some fruit too!

LOLA: Yes, we must remember that . . . but I will not ever never eat a tomato!


CHARLIE: I am really looking forward to speaking Spanish, and playing football with Marv. What's your favorite thing to do at school, Lola?

LOLA: My bestest favorite thing is coloring and sticking, and I am getting really good at doing the loopy loops when we do writing!


CHARLIE: That's good Lola, because you used to worry about the loopy loops.

LOLA: I know, but my teacher, Mrs. Hanson, is very nice and she helped me.


CHARLIE: Yes, sometimes we really have to concentrate when we are learning something new.

LOLA: But I am good at concentrating now, do you remember when I had to carry an egg on a spoon for sports day, I learned to concentrate everso much! And I didn't drop it even once!


CHARLIE: There will be new children joining the school too, do you think you might make some new friends?

LOLA: I like making friends with anyone who isn't a meanie-pegs, and if they are really really new, they might be a bit nervous, so I can show them where their coat peg is, and play with them at recess, and show them where to have lunch . . . but I will jump rope with Lotta too, because she is my bestest friend.


CHARLIE: What about Soren Lorensen?

LOLA: Oh yes, he can play too!


CHARLIE: Lola, a new school year means a new school photograph.  Do you think you will be able to stay all neat and tidy this time?

LOLA: Lotta will help me stay looking extra specially nice — in my most favorite stripey dress, and I won't jump in puddles or get paint on my hands. It will be easy peasy lemon squeezy, Charlie!


CHARLIE: I think we be learning new things too, I am looking forward to doing new things in music class.

LOLA: Ooh, yes, and will learn everso much about animals and countries and trees...


CHARLIE: . . . and planets and outer space and . . .

LOLA: Ooh I'm really completely excited Charlie. Can we go to school right now?

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