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5 Tips for a Greener Holiday

Here’s how to go green during your holiday celebrations — and save a few bucks while you’re at it.

Learning Benefits

Skip the paper. Instead of sending traditional cards, which use paper to create and energy to transport, send free e-cards. We love those with wildlife designs at and

Wrap with thought. Choose something that’s reusable, like a pillowcase, a tea towel, or a cloth bag, to wrap presents instead of using new gift paper. Alternatively, you could reuse a colorful envelope or paper bag you have around the house.

Decorate with nature. Build mini snowmen on the porch or in the yard to greet your visitors. Create wreaths and garlands to hang using twigs and pinecones.

Buy vintage. Shopping at your local antique store, flea market, or thrift shop is a great way to find unique, low-cost treasures that don’t come in loads of packaging materials. Consider adding a personal touch by repainting a stool or filling an old vase with flowers.

Keep your feast local. Get as many ingredients as you can — vegetables, herbs, honey — at a nearby farmer’s market. Find one at

Dianne Bright

Photo credit: Fancy Photography/Veer (RM)


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