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Greg Tang's Math Riddles

Discover clever tricks for solving math problems.

Learning Benefits

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Problem Solving
Adding and Subtracting

Go to: 

What to do:

  1. Go to the Greg Tang page in the Kids Fun Online area of
  2. Find the sample from The Grapes of Math. You'll hear a riddle. Listen carefully. Can you count to solve it?
  3. When you check the answer, you'll also find out Greg Tang's trick that makes solving the problem simpler.
  4. Next, try the subtraction riddle from Math for All Seasons.
  5. Which riddle seemed trickier?
  6. Finally, try making up your own math riddle with your child. Can she stump an older brother or sister?
  7. For more information about Greg Tang and his books, check out the rest of Tang's page.

Learning Benefits: 

  • basic addition and subtraction 
  • pattern recognition 
  • grouping

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