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Wooden Spoon Puppets

Craft a crew of puppet pals.

Learning Benefits

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Dramatic Play
Fine Motor Skills

What you need:

  • wooden spoons (in various sizes and colors)
  • decorations, including felt, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, drink umbrellas, yarn, and so on
  • fabric glue

What to do:

  1. To ensure materials stick well, wash and dry the spoons first.
  2. Invite your child to transform a wooden spoon into a favorite character.
  3. Cut out shapes from felt and glue them to the spoons with fabric glue.
  4. Re-create our blue-haired friend by using the back of the spoon for the face, pipe cleaners for arms, yarn for hair, felt for the poncho, and a drink umbrella for the parasol.
  5. Then craft some more spoon pals, and make up a story for them to perform.

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