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Shadow Track

Follow your shadow all day long.

Learning Benefits

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Critical Thinking

What you need: 

  • different colors of chalk 
  • large paved area 

What to do:

  1. Go outside on a sunny day, preferably in the morning, and stand with your child in a paved area. Point out her shadow. Encourage her to wave or move so that she can see her shadow making the same motions.
  2. Take a piece of colored chalk and make a mark at the top of her shadow. Also mark where she is standing.
  3. Stand where your child is standing and make your own shadow. Point out to her that your shadow is longer than hers. Ask her to mark the top of it with different colored chalk.
  4. Go out a couple of hours later and repeat the process, this time using different colored chalk. What does she notice about the shadows? Are they in exactly the same place?
  5. Continue to do this throughout the day, noting the time and chalk colors. Talk about how your shadows moved and changed as time passed. In the evening, you and your child can decorate your chalk outlines.

Learning benefits:

  • develops an understanding of cause and effect 
  • encourages an awareness of environmental processes 
  • builds observation and critical thinking skills

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