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5 Signs of a Well-Organized Preschool

A structured preschool atmosphere frees your child to play and learn every day.

Learning Benefits

  1. There are many different types of "interest areas." A variety of ways to play such as blocks, art, sand and water, and library, ensure that no matter what your child's learning style or mood, she'll find something that suits it.
  2. "Interest areas" are distinct from one another. This helps your child choose what he wants to do and focus on doing one thing at a time. It also helps keep things clean.
  3. You see plenty of easily accessible materials. With a surplus of choices, your child can make independent decisions. Being able to get the materials all by herself will increase her sense of competency. Since preschoolers aren't the best at sharing, duplicates of toys and supplies are a plus.
  4. Materials are labeled and grouped together. This reinforces the idea that the teacher expects the students to take care of toys and put them back in a responsible way. It also builds sorting and classifying skills.
  5. Displays showcase students' work. Your child will know the work he does in class is meaningful when it is put up for everyone to see. Mounting rotating displays gives each child something to shoot for and a chance to shine.


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