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An Introduction to Books & Resources

Overwhelmed by endless amount of books and learning resources for your children? Follow this guide.

Learning Benefits

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Technology Skills

There are a tremendous number of resources to find book lists on the web. Below are a few lists that will lead you to countless wonderful books for your child to enjoy. In addition, you will find some authors and series that children this age enjoy. More difficult to isolate are tools for parents to use to support the developmental needs of this age group. Thus, below you will find a number of picture books that you can read with or to your child, connecting while you expand his understanding of the world. You can also use the books to support a developmental or learning goal. Be sure to take a look at all categories, as a number of books can be used to target multiple developmental areas! Note that these picture books are not selected for story complexity, but rather to be used as a means to connect, and as thinking tools to advance your child’s academic, linguistic, cognitive, creative, or social development.

There is no such thing as a book that is too advanced for your child to look at. If they want to “read” the pages (or just eat them!), as long as the books are safe, let your child explore!

To find books that are similar to a book your child enjoys, use the Scholastic Book Wizard “book alike” finder. Click on the “Similar Books” tab and enter the book your child likes. The program will find similar books for you!

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Find Just-Right Books

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