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Amanda Kingloff


by Karen Brody, MA, Corinne Gill
Colorful, classy, kid-friendly art projects that celebrate the season.
by Amanda Kingloff
This easy chalkboard craft helps kids learn to tell time.
by Amanda Kingloff
Your little angler will look the part in this super-easy-to-make fishing vest!
by Amanda Kingloff
These three unique birthday bashes will wow your kid (and make you an Instagram star).
by Amanda Kingloff
Lights,! Kids star in music vids at this VIP event.
by Amanda Kingloff
Spend a casual day casting a line in your yard. It's reel-y fun!
by Amanda Kingloff
Invite little ones to make a favorite doll their +1 for this sweet celebration!
by Amanda Kingloff, Karen Brody, MA
Mother’s Day joy lasts long past May with these sweet no-wilt flowers that kids can make themselves.
by Amanda Kingloff
Mom can keep one flower on her desk to use as a paperweight — or hang a whole bunch of blossoms on her wall.
by Amanda Kingloff
Let the kids raid the party-supply bin — you probably already have all of the materials they’ll need to fill a vase with these easy faux florals.


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