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Douglas Clements, PhD

Douglas Clements, PhD, is the author of Early Childhood Mathematics Education Research: Learning Trajectories for Young Children.  He is the Distinguished Professor of Learning and Instruction at State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo and is a former kindergarten and preschool teacher.  Dr. Clements has served on President Bush’s National Mathematics Advisory Panel, the National Research Council’s Committee on Early Mathematics, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics National Curriculum and Principles and Standards committees. He has also served on the Common Core State Standards committee of the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, helping write national academic standards.


by Douglas Clements, PhD
From an early age, children make sense of the shapes they see in the world around them.
by Douglas Clements, PhD, Julie Sarama, PhD
How math, and its connections to everything, can help kids learn, understand, and think more deeply about the world.
by Douglas Clements, PhD, Julie Sarama, PhD
Nurture your child's mathematical mind with math activities at an early age.
by Douglas Clements, PhD, Julie Sarama, PhD
Noticing, naming, and talking about numbers gives your child a head start in math.
by Douglas Clements, PhD, Julie Sarama, PhD
Math gets a bad rap. Here, we dispel some long-held beliefs about how children learn it.

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