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Amy Mascott


by Amy Mascott
Need a change of scenery? Go to the library. Hang out. Learn a little along the way.
by Amy Mascott
How parents can stay on top of their child's reading before it's too late.
by Amy Mascott
What my favorite 4-, 2-, and 1-year-old are reading right now: the mix may surprise you.
by Amy Mascott
We bet you never even considered some of these ways to find the best books for your kids.
by Amy Mascott
There's strength in numbers. The "Family 20" will create readers out of even the toughest family!
by Amy Mascott
We all need a mid-winter pick-me-up, so how about a little book cover game to lift your spirits?!
by Amy Mascott
Reading is an active process, but some kids need to make it even more hands-on. Try these suggestions to help change your child's reading method.
by Amy Mascott
Strengthen your child's fine motor skills or work on practicing early literacy skills while breathing life into an old favorite game.
by Amy Mascott
These books act as great Black History Month conversation starters for middle-grade readers.
by Amy Mascott
Each year, many people around the country spend time in January volunteering and helping others. Why not try it with your family this year?


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