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Who Is Sleeping?

Who Is Sleeping?

by Karen Sapp

With original text to the tune of "Frère Jacques" and lush full-color illustrations, this lyrical book will introduce preschoolers to the wide variety of critters that cozy up and settle down to sleep through the cold winter months.

Series Information

Rookie Preschool nonfiction books make their debut with this irresistible series filled with all the wonder of the great outdoors! Bursting with colorful photos and brimming with new things to discover, it's just right for children curious about everything from insects and animals, to seasons, the weather, natural habitats, and more.

Series Features

• Books are available in paperback editions and as reinforced library bindings; either one is a perfect "grown up" format for preschoolers who have just graduated from board books.
• Bright green and blue branding clearly identifies the entire Rookie Preschool line; each level of "Rookie" books will each carry its own distinctive color pattern.
• Each Rookie Learn About book focuses on a high-interest preschool topic.
• Each Rookie Learn About book also includes 1 of 5 essential curriculum themes as a secondary learning topic: self; home/family; neighborhood; wider world; readiness concepts.
• At the end of each book is a parent note with suggested activities linked to the story and its theme.

3, 4, 5
Interest Level
Grades PreK - K
Number of Pages
Informational, Rhyming Story, Song

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Karen Sapp

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