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by Sara Swan Miller
This book describes many different members of the waterfowl order, as well as their different characteristics.

Series Information

Children of all ages love animal studies, and "Animals in Order" fits right into the curriculum with easy-to-understand text and breathtaking wildlife photos that introduce a world of spectacular creatures. What does a bobcat have in common with a badger? Are all insects bugs? "Animals in Order" helps middle graders make sense of the animal kingdom by focusing on specific animal "orders" and the traits and behaviors that make them unique.

Series Features

• Focuses on the traits and behaviors that make each animal order unique
• Breathtaking wildlife photos capture animals in their natural habitats
• "Words to Know" glossary clarifies key terms
• Index makes navigating subject matter easy

8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 3 - 5
Tandem Library
Informational Text

About the Author

Sara Swan Miller Sara Swan Miller was the director of the Preserve School program and an outdoor environmental educator at the Mohonk Preserve in New Paltz, NY.

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