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Toys Go Out

Toys Go Out

by Emily Jenkins Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky

Lumphy is a stuffed buffalo. StingRay is a stuffed stingray. And Plastic... well, Plastic isn't quite sure "what" she is. They all belong to the Little Girl who lives on the high bed with the fluffy pillows. A very nice person to belong to.

But outside of the Little Girl's room things can be confusing. Like when Lumphy gets sticky with peanut butter on a picnic, why is he called "dirty"? Or when StingRay jumps into the bathtub, what will happen to her fur? And where in the house can they find the Little Girl a birthday present that she will love the most?
Together is best for these three best friends. Together they look things up in the dictionary, explore the basement, and argue about the meaning of life. And together they face dogs, school, television commercials, the vastness of the sea and the terrifying bigness of the washing machine.
With all the appeal of a classic, here are six linked stories form Emily Jenkins, and illustrated by Caldecott winning Paul O. Zelinsky that showcase the unforgettable adventures — and misadventures — of three extraordinary friends.

8, 9, 10
Interest Level
Grades 3 - 5
Guided Reading
Schwartz & Wade Books
Number of Pages
Adventure, Anthologies, Short Stories

About the Author and Illustrator

Emily Jenkins Emily Jenkins is The New York Times bestselling author of books for children and adults.
Paul O. Zelinsky

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