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Tiger Math

Tiger Math

by Ann Whitehead Nagda, Cindy Bickel Illustrated by Cindy Bickel

Using graphs, photographs and narrative text, this innovative book tells the story of the orphaned Siberian tiger, T.J., as he is cared for by the staff at the Denver Zoo. Each cleverly planned spread features a circle, picture, bar, or line graph on one page and on the other, photographs and the continuing drama of this beautiful tiger's struggle to survive.

T.J. is a Siberian tiger cub born at the Denver Zoo. One day he stops eating. The zoo staff tries to tempt him with treats, but he refuses them all. The staff doesn't give up, and finally their love and persistence pay off. T.J. grows up to be a huge, healthy tiger.

The delightful pictures of T.J. and the heartwarming story of his life will charm young readers as they learn the basics of graphing. Those who like storybooks can read just the right-hand pages of this book; those who want to know more can use the graphs on the left-hand pages to see exactly how T.J. grew.

8, 10
Interest Level
Grades 2 - 5
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Guided Reading
Henry Holt & Company
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Functional and How-To

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Ann Whitehead Nagda
Cindy Bickel
Cindy Bickel

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