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Sure Signs of Crazy

Sure Signs of Crazy

by Karen Harrington

Twelve-year-old Sarah Nelson is a unique survivor. While most of her friends obsess over Harry Potter, she spends her time writing letters to Atticus Finch and collecting "trouble" words in her diary. Her best friend is a plant. Sarah has never known her mother, who left when Sarah was two, and she has moved with her dad from one small Texas town to another without ever feeling at home.

Fearing the shadow of her mother's mental instability, Sarah searches for the truth in her past while looking out for any signs that she is going "crazy." Yet everything changes when she launches an investigation into her family's Big Secret. She makes unexpected new friends and has her first real crush. And instead of a "typical boring Sarah Nelson summer," this one just might turn out to be extraordinary.

11, 12, 13
Interest Level
Grades 6 - 8
Guided Reading
Number of Pages
Realistic Fiction

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Karen Harrington

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